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About Kao

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The future of Singapore could look like this.

Kao Wen Sheng is working as a media representative of the Singapore Democrat Party (SDP). His dream is to see his people become more compassion to their fellow citizen and to see his country be more democratic.

Kao: “I know that it could be hard work and it is long way to go but giving up is not an option”

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Communication without mouth!!??

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Do you blog today?

The sentence may be a new greeting word for the next generation. The conventional understanding about communication has to be rewritten.


The 4th CALD Communication Workshop 5.-9. September 2006 in Taipei, organized by the Council of Asian Liberals and Democrats and sponsored by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation, make me to rethink about the meaning of the word communication.


I am not the one, who is living behind the moon and totally reject new technology. But it is a great worry to me, when I heard that a boy talks to his mother via email, although they are living in the same house.


What is communication? We should think about the meaning of this world carefully. It is not just about exchanging word, idea and picture but also to come closer to each other and to understand the feeling of each other. Could these be achieved by online communication i.e. internet, blog and Googel….


We should be aware that all new communication technologies should be a tool to support us in communication but we should not lose our ability to communicate using conventional tools.


How are you today? or

Do you blog today?



Which sentence would you choose?





Hello world!

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Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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